Learning how to give question and answer in job interview

someone how apply to the one of office by writing an application letter, she or he will be invited to interview and the question that always a rise is what will asked by interviewer and what should i do. Don't worry about it, let's learn through video bellow that took from daily English. 
That lesson that must be understanding and practices with your partner, so you don't nervous when you get invitation for Interview.

ICT In Education

ICT is very important in human live such as communication, searching Material and Sharing information act. so ICT very close and can not split with human life in industry 4.0. and it changes the human life
Watch the videos bellow:

Thank ICT in education raises and develop to support the students in reach the goal in learning:

Material Download

what do you think about ICT in education and give the sample that show ICT support in education
Write your answer in the comment and do not forget to write Students' Registration  Number


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